Khojki Hymn in walnut. One of the great delights of this project is being sent a script I’ve been trying to track down for years. One of the greater delights is being sent a script I didn’t even know existed. This text, from the Indian subcontinent, is in a secret script called Khojki, developed by Ismaili Muslims to hide their identity from Muslims who persecuted them for their open-minded approach to the Indic religious worldview. This is from a hymn by Pir (that is, spiritual master) Shams, and it reads,
“Maker of water and earth, the roots of Creation,
O ‘Ali! Indeed, yours alone is the [final] command!”

Map of Gujarat

Price: $750

All sales of carvings support the non-profit work of the Endangered Alphabets Project. Twenty percent of all profits go to Rokpa International, supporting sick and homeless children in the Himalayas. To order, or to inquire about commissions, email