For the first five years of our existence, the Endangered Alphabets Project has been supported almost entirely by the sale of books and carvings, and by speaking engagements.

Now we are registered as a federal 501c3 non-profit, and will be only too pleased to accept tax-deductible donations.

In the spirit of not wanting to take something for nothing, though, we’ll thank you for your donations in public broadcasting fashion—by offering rewards for various levels of giving.


$60 — a packet of 3 folded Endangered Alphabets greetings cards

$100 — the Endangered Alphabets over-the-shoulder bag, in sturdy canvas

$150 — a framed 10”x12” print of one of the Endangered Alphabets carvings

$350 — a hand-carved plaque featuring one of the gloriously fluid letters of the Cham alphabet

$1000 — a hand-carved cherry plaque featuring the words “Thank you” in Balinese

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