Here we go!

Our Kickstarter campaign has raced through the approval process and has already officially launched! Our goal: to raise $10,000 so we can publish children’s pictorial dictionaries in several of the endangered languages of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Our … Read More

Back in time for Christmas and other holiday shopping–the beautiful and attention-getting Endangered Alphabets T-shirt! Our first campaign, a couple of months ago, was successful, and now people across the United States and Europe are wearing their T-shirts or will … Read More

The charge is on!

The final charge is on! Thanks to Jeff Rutenbeck (the original guide and protector of the Alphabets), Faith Yacubian, David Fresolone, Paul Sharville, Yonatan Bisk, Michael Everson (one of the world’s leading creators of digitized fonts for endangered languages/scripts), Nigel … Read More

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