How to Support the Endangered Alphabets

Through February 26th 2017 we are running a crowdfunding campaign to produce a children’s pictorial dictionary in endangered languages of Bangladesh, and we urgently need your support at As you may know, Kickstarter is all or nothing: unless we … Read More

Now or Never, and the Kitchen Sink

Dear Friends of the Endangered Alphabets: It’s now or never. We have less than 10 days to raise more than $5,000 in our current campaign (, and the urgency level has just reached critical. If you’ve been half-thinking of supporting us, … Read More

Here we go!

Our Kickstarter campaign has raced through the approval process and has already officially launched! Our goal: to raise $10,000 so we can publish children’s pictorial dictionaries in several of the endangered languages of the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Our … Read More

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