Final call for hand-carved Valentine’s monograms!

The perfect Valentine’s Day gift for lovers of writing, men and women of letters: a matching pair of hand-carved monograms, each roughly 9″x9″, in curly maple, perfect for the wall or mantelpiece.
Given that the purpose of the Endangered Alphabets Project is to raise awareness of the importance of preserving minority cultures, my preference (and that of many others) is to help you find a script you’ll like that will leave all your friends doing a double-take and asking you to tell the story behind it. And of course I’ll send you the necessary information to help you do just that.
Alternatively, I’ll be glad to carve in English letters or, to make them even more personal and unusual, in an ancestral family script. I’ve even been asked to do Elvish.
Cost: $195 for the pair plus shipping.
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  1. catherine
    | Reply

    I love your work, I wish that I was very rich! I would buy most everything! I met you in Woodstock several years ago. I wish you the best of luck! I love language, and I wish I knew half of what you know!! You are my hero!!!!

    • Timothy Brookes
      | Reply

      Thanks for your wonderful message of support, which made my day. I hope you discover a long-lost rich uncle who offers to buy you most everything!
      All the best, Tim

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