Bid on an Endangered carving and raise money for language revival!

Dear Friends of the Endangered Alphabets:

I’m trying something new and different in the name of helping to support endangered language revival.

Some of you have already seen photos of my recent carving of the word “Java” in the endangered traditional Javanese script—hand-carved and painted in gold.

In an effort to provide direct and tangible support for those working to save and revive their traditional languages (written and spoken) I am auctioning that carving through eBay. The auction will start soon, and will run for a week.

The proceeds from the sale will be split equally between the Endangered Alphabets and Belajar Jawa Kuna, an organization based in Indonesia that is working to preserve the many endangered traditional Indonesian scripts, especially the Old Javanese script.

I’m hoping the opportunity to buy and own this unique carving will attract interest from people interested in languages all over the world. It would even be a great wall sign for a coffee shop, a pun on the word “Java”!

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested. You can visit the eBay page HERE.

Best wishes,