Our next goal: $10,000 by the Tenth!

Well, we succeeded in the Super Weekend $500 challenge, thanks to Laurie Price, Alec Julien and Chris McLaren. By the time the Patriots were mounting their comeback, these three had intercepted and sacked the $500, and it was lying defeated on the goal line.

Next goal: $10,000 in total pledges. At this point we’re hoping to reach our stretch goal of $15,000 by the campaign is over, which would enable us to print more copies of the dictionary and get it into not only the schools but the communities. But first we have to get to $10,000.

At the rate our supporters are coming forward, we should be able to get there by Friday, February 10th. So let’s set that as our aim: noon EST on Friday. Please back us at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1496420787/100-words-for-a-childrens-endangered-language-dict/.

Ten thousand by the tenth. Let’s do it!

Thanks so much.