Help! We have slipped back by $5,000!

Dear Friend of the Endangered Alphabets: We need your help because of a totally unexpected and new (to me) difficulty.
It looks on the home page of our current Kickstarter campaign ( as though we are very close to meeting our goal, but we are not.
Because of a software glitch, we actually have $5,000 less in pledges than the Kickstarter page shows. Far from being comfortably around $9,000, we are actually just over $4,000.
We’re working to correct the situation, but in the meantime I am in the awkward position of having to solicit support for our campaign and correct a misleading impression.
Hence this urgent post. If by chance you were feeling we don’t need your backing as we are inches away from our goal with more than two weeks still to go, please know that we do, indeed need your support.
In fact, we need more than $300 a day in new pledges every day until February 26th. It’s certainly doable, but it means we have to pick up our combined efforts right away.
If you can help us, we will certainly appreciate it, as I appreciate your understanding of this awkward and frustrating situation.
With best wishes,