Great support, up to a point…

Not everyone bars immigrants and refugees. Mro on the shores of Lake Champlain.

No Kickstarter campaign I’ve ever run or consulted on has received such overwhelming, widespread, heartfelt support and encouragement. We’ve had messages from all over the world wishing us luck, offering assistance, sharing the photos and video, validating the project.

Yet the nuts-and-bolts part, the actual pledging of support, has been weirdly quiet. After a great first day, the weekend brought in very little, despite help from Sarcalistic, Margaret Ransdell-Green, Janet Whatmough, Lynda Ulrich, MIchael Shiver, Tecwynn Evans, Belle, Hans de Wolf, and Zlatomira Ilchovska.
Are the rewards perhaps not interesting and attractive enough? If you care to suggest a reward that follows the Kickstarter rules by being an extension or byproduct of the campaign, I’d love to hear about it.
In the meantime I’ll just keep on working on the existing rewards–the photo accompanying this post is of my carving of the phrase “Mother tongue” in Mro, which will be made into a postcard for the $25-level reward–and wondering at this strange cognitive dissonance.
The Kickstarter #Make100 link is, of course: