Our first urgent goal: $5,000 by Monday


Mondatv 5000

Friends of the Alphabets, one and all, it’s time to get serious. We’ve been dawdling along until now, but not at a rate that would get us to our goal. So let’s set our first immediate, short-term goal: $5,000 in backing by Monday.

That would take us to the point where the first two weeks of the campaign are done and we’ll need $10,000 in the next two–double the rate up till now, but not impossible.

So please step in. If you’ve been thinking of supporting us but felt we would reach our goal calmly without you, please reconsider.

If you’d like to back us but can’t afford one of the higher-level rewards, we can still get there with plenty of small contributions.

If you’ve already backed us, you’re the perfect spokesperson to convince others to follow your lead.

One way or the other, please recognize the increasing urgency of the campaign and do whatever you can to help. At the Endangered Alphabets, what we’ve achieved has largely been made possible by our Kickstarter friends. Please keep that tradition going HERE.