A new goal, and new rewards!

Okay, everyone. I’ve given myself (and you!) a break for the morning, following our successful Thousand Dollar Weekend, but now it’s time to return to the tiresome process of fundraising.

We need to get to $7,500 by midnight EST on Tuesday, and as I write this at tea-time on Monday we’re currently at $6,400. Totally doable–as long as we get going this evening!

To give you added incentive, I’m offering two new rewards.

The first is another of the Endangered Alphabets carvings: the phrase “I love you” in the traditional script of the island of Java. A perfect present for someone very special. This is available to anyone backing us at the $575 level. But hurry–there’s only one.

At the other end of the affordability range, popular request has led me to offer prints of four of the Endangered Alphabets carvings. Check out the home page of the campaign to see which you like. (Scroll down to the bottom of the project description and the rewards photos.) Each print is priced to suit anyone’s budget at the $25 donation level. No limit on the number available!

And feel free to suggest rewards yourself! I’m always open to new ideas. Someone suggested wearables–what do you think?

Please donate by clicking HERE or going to¬†https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1496420787/the-right-to-read-the-right-to-write/ –and then share the link with your friends!


"I love you" in the traditional endangered Javanese script
“I love you” in the traditional endangered Javanese script