Here we go!

keep-alphabets-aliveThe new Endangered Alphabets Kickstarter campaign is going to launch ON MONDAY–that is, June 20th. We’re setting our goal at $15,000, which we need to create a major exhibition for International Mother Language Day in February 2017. In an effort to set your mouths a-watering, here’s news of some of the rewards on offer for those who pledge:
* Postcards featuring Endangered Alphabets carvings
* The Endangered Alphabets “Mother Tongue” poster, featuring a carving of “Mother tongue” in the endangered Manchu script
* Signed copies of the brand-new second edition of my book Endangered Alphabets
* Endangered Alphabets wall clocks, featuring either the sinuous E of the Cham alphabet or the Tibetan phrase “Graceful kindness” carved twice in a circle, like a mandala
* Signed copies of Michael Horlick’s comprehensive Uzbek-English dictionary
* Carvings of a pair of initials of the donor’s choice
* Carvings in cherrywood of suksma, the Balinese for “Thank you.”
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