A small flurry, but a big flurry needed

Our new $5 donation level proved to be instantly popular, with donations coming in right away from Darren Cameron, Tev, Mark Turner, Kris Williams, Molly Allison and Cindy Womack. Thanks so much to all of you, and I’m looking forward to sending you your Endangered Postcards…

…but of course that will happen only if we meet our goal. And right now, even though we’ve broken $3,500, we are steadily falling behind the daily donation rate we need. We haven’t quite got to the point of needing to hold up a series of gas stations, but neither are we coasting along happily.

Please, please reach out to your friends and anyone you think might be interested in this unique combination of artwork, language and social justice, send them to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1496420787/the-right-to-read-the-right-to-write/ and ask them to join you in supporting the Alphabets.



P.S. A wonderful web magazine article on the Endangered Alphabets just came out. Check out the homepage at EverWideningCircles.com.