Tilting at Windmills

Good news: a generous selection of the Endangered Alphabets carvings will be on display (and on sale) at Tilting at Windmills Gallery in scenic downtown Manchester Center in southwestern Vermont.

The opening, complete with poetry reading and talk on the Alphabets, will be on Saturday, July 11, starting at 5 p.m. Please come, if you’re in the area.

The show will include several new pieces, but the centerpiece, without doubt, will be the Tibetan Blessing Table, which has made its appearance in this blog as I have carved the circular mandala-like blessing in the top and my friend The Other Tim (a.k.a. Tim Peters) has made the legs.

And speaking of the legs–what a stunning piece of design, in addition to their delightful lines! Tim made them so they could be dismantled and reassembled without a single nail or screw. They slot together in a way that is both Shaker and Archimedian.

Anticipating that the buyer might want some instruction, we made two videos that show how they come apart, and go together. They’re pretty massive files, though, and I can’t upload them here. Working on a solution….

In the meantime, check out the stills!

Tibetan table with legs2

Tibetan table with legs3Tibetan table withlegs4