New Carvings Offer!

I’ve already posted that my wonderful students at Champlain College and I are deep into yet another important and urgent endangered alphabets/languages project. We are working to publish the first-ever collection of oral-tradition stories and proverbs from the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh.
In thanks for your donations, I am offering to carve “Thanks!” in the glorious fluid Balinese script at one level and one of the proverbs in the beautiful bubbly Marma script at another. Both these carvings were among the most popular items when the Endangered Alphabets were displayed at the Smithsonian.
For full details, please go to THIS LINK.
As always, if you can’t afford to support our campaign—which we totally understand!—please pass the link on to friends and colleagues.

"Thank you" in Balinese
“Thank you” in Balinese
The Marma alphabet
The Marma alphabet