A Suggestion, and A Request

The Suggestion: Happy New Year cards in Mongolian calligraphy. Just beautiful. Check them out at http://society6.com/product/happy-new-year-cards-in-mongolian-calligraphy_cards#16=71.

The Request: I would love to take the Alphabets to the West Coast, preferably California. Anyone got any suggestions about colleges, universities, libraries or galleries that might be interested?

All the best to all of you!


2 Responses

  1. Christina Smith-Gajadhar

    The special projects coordinator at the Oviatt Library CSUN (California State University-Northridge) would probably be interested. I can’t find a direct number right now as they are closed this week, but a call to the dean’s office could get you connected.
    The Secretary to the Dean is Nickey Martinez and her # is 818-677-2271. I hope that pans out for you.

    • Tim Brookes

      Thanks so much, Christina!