New Carvings, Incredible Wood

Tom Way Enlightenment upright Tom Way Paduak Happy Beings upright Tom Way Salt upright











Check out the latest Endangered Alphabets carvings, photographed by the excellent Tom Way! See more of his photography at

One, a commission, is on live-edge walnut and features a Mongolian proverb supplied to me by Chris Hoffmeister: “Work until finished. Salt until dissolved.”

The second, a sale piece, is on an amazing piece of paduak and features a blessing in Tibetan by the wonderful calligrapher Tashi Mannox that reads “May all living beings be happy.” Visit Tashi’s store at

The third is carved on a breathtaking piece of knotted and cracked wood (maple?). The Mongolian script, provided by Chris Hoffmeister, reads, “After Lightning, Enlightenment.”




P.S. Some good news is that the Kickstarter campaign to fund an interactive Balinese-Indonesian-English wiki-based dictionary was successful, not only meeting but exceeding its goal. Thanks to all of you who supported it or passed along the word to others!