Carving the Table-Top

Working very slowly, very carefully...
Working very slowly, very carefully…


It has taken almost a year to get the text, but now it has arrived, I can’t afford to rush it.
This is my latest endeavor: to make a dining-table for myself, with a Blessing in Balinese carved into the top. The English version reads:

Bless this food
Bless these people
Bless the table
That brought them together

I think it’s going to be pretty remarkable when it’s done–another wonderful series of pieces of Vermont curly maple, courtesy of Ernest Krusch up in Johnson, Vermont.
But none of this would have been possible without the help of Alissa Stern and her Basa Bali foundation, which is working to revive the traditional language and script in Bali.

She got my blessing translated, and continues to send encouragement. Please support her in return, by donating to her Kickstarter campaign, HERE.