An Endangered Alphabets Foundation?

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Those of you who are following the Endangered Alphabets know very well that the project is growing rapidly, in size, scope and reach. The total number of endangered scripts now included is approaching 30, the Smithsonian event is coming up in late June, and an expanded and more purposeful second edition of the Endangered Alphabets book is currently taking shape (mostly in my mind for now).

What is limiting the project’s growth is the linked pair of facts that all this work is taking place in my spare time (hah!), and that the only sources of funding are the two Kickstarter campaigns, the sale of books and carvings (order some now!) and various speaker fees. That income, though vital and welcome, amounts to maybe two cents per hour of work.

In the past month, though, no fewer than half a dozen informed sources have suggested I start an Endangered Alphabets Foundation. As I understand it (and my ignorance here is oceanic) this would essentially be a non-profit organization that would hire me to do the work I’ve been doing all along, and then some. It would mean I could develop my advocacy efforts in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, develop educational materials, donate carvings to worthy recipients, and so on.

As I say, I know next to nothing about such matters, but I deeply suspect I’m going to need all the friends I can get, and I’m going to need their advice as much as I’ll need (tax-deductible) donations. So let’s start now.

Do you know anything about setting up such non-profits?

Do you know any foundations or agencies that might support the Endangered Alphabets?

Do you know any individuals who are well placed to advocate on my behalf?

Do you know any discussion groups that would like to toss this cluster of ideas around?

As you know, I’m a person of action, creativity and initiative, but I don’t like to head into this kind of situation entirely blind and uninformed. Please post responses, please forward this link, please do anything you can to help me get off to an informed and energetic start!

Thanks, friends!


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