The Endangered Alphabets’ European Tour, Part I: Alpha Lite

The Alphabets have had an amazing week and a half: their first European tour. Many adventures to tell, but the first challenge was simply getting them there. To ship the original exhibition in its trunk would have cost nearly $1,000 each way, so I created The Alphabets Lite: twelve slightly smaller carvings in curly maple, each of which says the word “Words.” Together with the unmissable wheely-case I bought for them, they weighed exactly fifty pounds, which meant I could take them as luggage. At least, that was the theory. That kind of luggage doesn’t go all that well with knee replacement surgery, scheduled within the week after I got back. But that’s another story. Here’s a photo of the Alpha Lite gang lounging around at home, along with their case of many colors. Note the starring position of Glagolitic, my newest acquisition…

Alphas Lite in their natural habitat

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