A One-Off, Or Maybe A Two-Off

As I work on the Endangered Poem Project I like to take a break now and then, and here’s one such break. Thanks to the kindness of Adrian Clynes, this is the Balinese for “word” or “words,” depending on the context. The wood is the unusual pau amarillo, a vivid yellow wood, ideal for carving.

This may be the only piece I ever make twice. I originally conceived it for the front of the podium from which a number of multilingual readers will deliver Bob Holman’s Endangered Cento (check Bob and the Cento out by running a Search on Facebook) at various strategic locations in New York.

But then it struck me what a perfect introduction-display this would be for a library, something mounted or hung right inside the front door, a welcome sign in a beautiful but unfamiliar script. So I think that, just for once, I’m going to overcome my dread of repeating myself and make a second.