The Alphabets Pop Up in Fairfield and Charlotte

The Alphabets are back home after two weeks in Fairfield, Vermont. The librarian, Kristen Hughes, showed that whatever they teach people in library school these days isn’t all about social media and information technology: she not only did a stellar job of hosting the talk and the exhibition (and getting library patrons of all ages involved in setting up the show and taking it down, thus engaging teenagers in something other than WoW), but she even invented a new way of packing the boards back into their suitably battered steamer trunk. Many thanks to Kristen and everyone else involved.

Tomorrow I’m taking a selection of the Alphas to the weekly interfaith gathering at All Souls in Charlotte, Vermont to give a homily/talk/ramble on the spiritual nature of writing, something that interests me more and more as I work on this project. If you’re interested and nearby, please come along at 5 p.m.