Every one of the Endangered Alphabets challenges our assumptions about language, about beauty, about the fascinating interplay between function and grace that takes place when we invent symbols for the sounds we speak, and when we put a word on a page—or a piece of bamboo, or a palm leaf.

—Tim Brookes, Founder

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Please help! Please spread the word!
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As many of you know, I’m strongly supporting Alissa Stern’s Kickstarter campaign, which she explains below. I’ve added some new rewards, including carvings of the word suskma, or “Thanks,” in Balinese, and a... Read More

New! Amazing! Incredible!
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  Check out the new content on EndangeredAlphabets.com in the gallery! We have more carvings and the latest items in the Alphabets Furniture line. Also, as greeting card season approaches, there are some... Read More